An Unforgatable Day in Champagne : 205 €Adhérent Atout France 
Minibus Tour. Pick up and drop off at your hotel in the center of Paris. All inclusive and payment on the day of the trip

About Paris Champagne Tour

Paris Champagne Tour is a travel agency, which, by the magic of a day tour in Champagne, make it easier for visitors to discover the region of Champagne. Visitor will experience a region, proud of its glorious past, offering all the attractions of a region firmly turned to the future. Lovers of nice landscapes, art, history, culture, gastronomy, French wine enjoy discovering many amazing things, not far from Paris.

The authenticity of the Champagne land is the Paris Champagne Tour’s trademark. Indeed, the Champagne wines’ success is not related to « flying winemakers », but  the secret of this success lies in the perfect union of chalky soil and rude climate in Champagne. The human factor is also vital. Over the course of centuries, Champagne wine growers have fashioned the soil and vines into exemplary vineyards. That’s why, “there’s only champagne in Champagne”.

Therefore, Paris Champagne Tour helps tourists to know more about the region of Champagne Ardenne, especially with the arrival of the TGV (French high speed train) in our region in juin 2007. Thanks to the financial support of our regional partners, Paris Champagne Tour offers excursion with a very good price and a unique quality of service.

Our agency offers  full day tour, short stay and professional seminar in Champagne. Our range of vehicles  from air-conditioned to coach enables us to provide a more personalized service according to the number of passengers. 

Customers are tourists, companies (seminar, comité d’entreprise) and associations. For a group excursion more than 20 people, Paris Champagne Tour offers a two hours champagne tasting course, a month before the tour. This champagne tasting course consists of general guidelines about champagne tasting techniques : bubbles, look, smell, taste, acidity’s vital role and specific vocabulary to describe pleasure while tasting a champagne. The course ends with the tasting of two champagnes, the first from a small champagne producer and the second from a major champagne house.

Enjoy your sparkling stay in France !
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