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Walk in Reims

The tour is suspended for the moment, lack of customers after the pandemic. 

 Walking tour in Reims 15 euros.


            Booking is now necessary 

on line or +33 6 19 32 58 69


From Monday to Friday, two hour tour in English, payment by cash
Visit the Reims Cathedral, Discover Art Deco facades in Reims
Helpful suggestions on where to go afterwards

Our 2 hour walking tour in Reims takes place from Monday to Friday (not bank holiday) at 10AM and 2PM. A fast train TGV leaves Paris at 8:58am, arrives at Reims at 9:44am, it takes 8 minutes to walk from the train station Reims to the appointment ! The guide can wait for you until 10:05am.

Like any good tour, our English and French walking tour in Reims is easy to join. With the Covid related health crisis, pre-booking is NOW necessary on line or at +33 6 19 32 5 69. Simply turn up at the designated meeting point, pay the guide 15 euros per person by cash and off you go. The meeting point is very central in front of the drug store Bride (36 place Drouet d’Erlon), at the corner of the fountain Sube (sculpture Victoria on the top of the column), 300 meters from the train Reims station. Our 2 hour walking tour in Reims takes place from Monday to Friday (not bank holiday) at 10AM and 2PM. Reservations would be appreciated for a group more than 10 people. The person at the meeting point waving our brochures in the air would be your guide.

The tour relates the story of Reims from the Roman times to the 21st century through the 2 architectures of the city : gothic architecture and art deco. This walking tour offers an excellent introduction to Reims, its rich history, architecture and allows you to discover the charm of the city. If you only have a short time, our tour is a good way to learn all about our city.

It takes only 45 minutes to go to Reims in Champagne, from Paris East station (Paris gare de l'Est) by the French high speed train (TGV), to visit a champagne winery and perhaps to make our walking tour. The round trip train ticket costs 40 euros if you book on the France Rail SNCF website 3 weeks ahead your trip (if you buy your train ticket some days before the trip, the train fare is much more expensive). Nevertheless, those cheapiest tickets are not refundable and can't be changed, but other good deals are refundable and exchangeable. From Monday to Friday, departure at the train station Paris Est at 8:58am, arrival Reims 9:44am, return departure Reims at 5:15pm, arrival Paris Est 6pm. You can take the train at 7:15pm, back to Paris at 8:00pm or at 6:01pm, direction Champagne Ardenne TGV, then change to go to back to Paris at 7:01pm. From May to September, the sun sets later, it is worth taking the train at 8:15pm in Reims to return to Paris at 8pm. See the France Rail’s Website. We would be delighted to give you a hand to buy the train ticket, please get in touch with us Be aware that there are 2 fast train stations for Reims, Reims station in the town itself and Champagne Ardenne, 5km from the town ! You can reach the town of Reims from the train station Champagne Ardenne by local train (TER) or by tram (about 15 minutes), but prefer the train Reims station to the Champagne Ardenne station !


Highlights of the walking tour :
  • The walking city tour starts at the square Drouet d’Erlon, then you visit the Reims Cathedral and you end up visiting the Carnegie library. Visitors are mostly walking outside 900m less than 2 hours. You visit the Reims Cathedral for one hour and the tour steps in front of a few buildings to point out Art Deco and other highlights to help you visualize what happened in Reims from Roman times to today.

  • Indeed, the tour includes a one hour visit of the Reims Cathedral, a gothic masterpiece where the kings of France were crowned. It will be the highlight of your visit in Champagne. It would be a pity to visit this 800 year old Cathedral, without knowing its story, its sculptures and its amazing Marc Chagall and Jacques Simon’s stainless steel windows.

  • Reims is also a city of Art Deco like New York City or Miami. After the 4 years of austerity and destruction during World War One, time had come for more individualism, more eclecticism. Reims was a laboratory of Art Deco. You will be able to admire many ornamented facades with low reliefs, cut off corners, wrought iron gates and guard rails, mosaics made with ceramic and stainless steel windows.

The guide gives you an insight into the city that you'd never get by yourself because you'd never dare to stop in front of some sculptures in the Cathedral or in front of some Art Deco spots. Of course, you could do the walking tour on your own with a guide book or with an audio guide, you can take lots of pictures, but the guide makes this Cathedral come to life.

Our guides love to show you around their town, really getting under their skin, and sharing their love of the city with visitors with personal touch of local knowledge. You can interact with the guide and others travellers. Our guide always leaves time for questions at each location and makes you feel comfortable whether you are an expert or novice when it comes to the history of France, Gothic Architecture, Art Deco or Champagne wine. 

At the end of the informative and fun tour, you know what gothic architecture and art deco mean. The guide also gives many suggestions on where to go for lunch, drinks, shopping, visits at champagne houses, public restrooms... Please take notes that in Reims, like towns outside Paris, a lot of stores close on Monday (and Sunday) !

If visitor wants to go to the vineyards, the best way is to rent a car, once you are in Champagne. There are two rental car companies, at the exit of the train station of Reims, Ada (+ 33 3 26 82 57 81) and Rentacar (+ 33 3 26 77 87 77). But, it is much better to rent a car on the websites of those companies, some days before your trip. A rental car cost €130 euros per day and for 100km (rental car companies are closed on Sunday). You can also use a taxi, out of the train station or call one at  + 33 3 26 47 05 05.

Be thoroughly entertained as you visit cultural and historical spots, while affable researcher-guides, through skilful storytelling and the use of archival images, regale you with juicy insights to local high spots and traditions !

Take the road with guides who are experts of the city! 

Enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Email: Call : +33 (0)6 19 32 58 69 !

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